Aviation and IT innovation, two different worlds…?

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Aviation and IT innovation, two different worlds…?

How exiting was your first smartphone? Everything was integrated. New futures. New possibilities. How annoying, your second smartphone? Everything had to be installed again. And how was your last? You expected that it worked immediately. Same as your phone before this one...

Every innovation starts with; “No. This will not be needed here” Avoiding or even saying it will be impossible. History proofs repeatedly the opposite. The Wright brothers proofed we can fly. We can go to the moon, and we did…
Every innovation ends with; Commodity, 

In short, this is what the Kano-model is telling us since 1984.

Innovation is constantly changing the aviation operations

Safety first! It goes without saying, especially in the aviation industry. Flying is still the safest way to travel. The industry will do everything to maintain this position. Heavy processes are in place to regulate and ensure safety. Sometimes even so strict it even obstructs (technology) improvements.

Technology helped increasing aviation safety. Airbus restrictions, done by technology, on how far the pilot can push the aircraft (manually), is no longer subject of discussion. Although in the beginning it was heavily discussed. Is technology helpful or is it even controlling human behavior…?
Are Complex Event Processing and Real-time decision-making advising or even controlling or ultimate handling the operation disturbances…?

At the end, it will be the last. For now, you will be an early adapter if you start using it, and let innovation work for you.

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