FTE Dublin: the end-to-end passenger experience

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Future Travel Experience Dublin: the end-to-end passenger experience

If there is one thing to take away from Future Travel Experience (FTE) it is that the aviation industry is getting more and more IT driven. If you don’t embrace IT, you will fall behind. Will humans support technology or will technology serve humans?

Data is key in this game. Protecting data, as is the common practice, will not hold water for long. The Googles, Facebooks, etcetera of this world are taking over. They already have the data. Just look at your phone when you have booked a flight and you will agree.

The discussion between airports and airlines is in fact obsolete. Combining information will not only be beneficial to the customers experience but also to its journey. People expect to be served. Nobody is owned by the airlines or the airports. They make their own decisions. Research shows we only use view apps on our phone. Informing them of their journey (gate, delay) or special deals (extra upgrade, best deal at a shop / showroom with delivery service for it to your home) will be difficult via a new app.

Offer passenger information where and when needed

Giving information to the passenger will benefit both airlines (will a person show up on time at the gate) and airports (reduce the effect a disturbance will have on the operation). Today an airport doesn’t even know who will be showing up. Combining data from several sources (such as public, transactional, GEO etcetera) and releasing it to passengers will give a better experience to them and reduce their stress levels. Relaxed passengers will spend. Both on the ground and in the air...

The European privacy regulations, which come into force from May 2018, must be considered. The way forward will be combining data whilst obeying these regulations. Be more proactive towards costumers and help the operation to be as seamless as possible. One way of doing this is to give passengers an easy entrance to airports, via biometric tools (face, voice, finger) giving airlines and airports more possibilities to make all the steps of the ground operations as smooth as possible.

Schiphol has won, as the only airport, the FTE Europe Innovation Award for its Digital Airport Program. We as USoft already congratulated our customer Schiphol.

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