USoft 9.1 takes rules-based business software to the next level

As a child we learn to obey rules set by a whole bunch of people, including our parents and teachers. These rules provide structure: without them, we'd be faced with total chaos in homes and schools!  Business rules are actually quite similar. They help people in your organisation to move swiftly and to make decisions with confidence. High-quality business data are key in this area: they obey instructions by nature, and they mirror your business conduct in a traceable fashion. With our latest USoft rules engine release 9.1 we have taken the combined benefits of business rules and business data to the next level. 

Rules-based intelligence

USoft is a software platform for building rules engines that are able to apply business rules to data, build knowledge from the combination of data and rules, and deliver rules-based intelligence. You can put this capability to good use in countless scenarios. The simplest is to feed the rules engine with restrictive rules or let the rules engine enrich input data by applying rules. Working the other way around, you can apply a rules engine to existing data sets. In doing so, you can easily determine which existing business data violates new rules and do some subsequent cleaning up. 

High-quality data

Finally, you can also feed the rules engine with input data and expect it to deliver rules-based intelligence of the predictive kind. A rules engine automatically connects and combines related rules allowing you to add, change or drop a rule without affecting surrounding rules or the quality of existing data. A USoft implementation has its own professional RDBMS (Oracle or MS SQL-Server) containing both rules and rules-governed (i.e., high-quality) data. This is one step up from conventional process engines or decision engines that act as external components responding to input data that is passed to them from other sources. 

USoft 9.1 has been enhanced in a number of ways:

  • Service orientation: USoft 9.1 collaborates with other software in a service-oriented architecture. The rules engine is able to expose itself as a REST service or other type of web service. Additional features include server throttling and collaboration with identity providers such as Active Directory Federation Service.
  • Delivery management: USoft 9.1 adds the USoft Delivery Manager tool to the platform. This application addresses DevOps concerns by allowing you to release, configure and deploy USoft deliverables to target machines in an automated fashion, making continuous deployment of new versions of your rules engine a reality. 
  • Session management in the service framework has been improved to allow mapping multiple sessions to different Rules Services, both for local logons and for SAML/SSO logons. To act instantly on data events, the Services Framework now supports processing triggered by Rules Engine events.
  • USoft 9.1 is faster by some 20% per rules engine. In certain multi-threading scenarios, performance has been measured to be twice as fast!

To successfully implement or enhance your own rules-based intelligence, just follow three simple steps:

  1. Imagine how USoft 9.1 can help you boost your business over a fresh cup of coffee. 
  2. Contact us by email on or call +31 (0)35 699 06 99.
  3. Arrange an evaluation talk with your superior to discuss your inevitable promotion!