USoft 9.1's main theme is performance. The Rules Engine has been optimised and shows order 20% better performance per engine and up to a factor 2 better performance in multithreading scenarios. Whitepaper | Download
We strongly believe that once your business defines its rules it should be easy to convert these into models and create working systems intuitively and regardless of transactional volume. Try it! Factsheet | Download
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The USoft 9.0 series extends the versatility of the USoft 8 series and introduces a new set of features that broaden the field of enterprise solutions with rules at the core. Factsheet | Download
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Increase effectiveness of real-time dynamic making tasks. USoft enables you to analyse vast amounts of unrelated data from different sources, in real-time to support your decision-making process. Factsheet | Download
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Our user-friendly technology monitors passengers’ experience throughout the whole airport journey, enabling to prevent possible disruptions while simultaneously creating data for future efficiency. Video | View
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USoft Studio is an ideal solution for the capture, implementation and one of top-quality project requirements. The result is a clear and concise set of requirements without any loss of data. Factsheet | Download
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USoft offers tailored training and coaching programs that help you become proficient in USoft technology.

Factsheet | Download
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This paper covers topics such as: the concept of authentication and an open framework approach to authentication applications, the principle of multi-factor authentication and SAML and ADFS. Whitepaper | Download
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USoft SMART PIA solution provides you with an efficient approach and secure software solution for comprehensive insight and control of your privacy compliance activities.

Factsheet | Download
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With SMART PIA, you can perform Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs), which show what measures need to be taken in order to be GDPR-compliant by May 25th, 2018. Watch the video and discover how. Video | View
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YMTY is a software product to support manufacturing and supply operations. YMTY will help your organisation to achieve exactly that level of insight you need to perform impact assessments. Video | View
USoft platform 9.1 which is model-driven and allows you to generate code wherever possible resulting in a low-code environment where applications are quickly ready to be tested and optimised. Whitepaper | Download
Optimising the value of each moment for everyone requires situational awareness and the ability to make instant decisions. Download the ebook about the Act-now organisation. Whitepaper | Download