Cut IT backlog through a low-code platform

Cut IT backlog through a low-code platform

Coding is not always a love story and can be frustrating. There are many time and cost consuming aspects about coding such as: high overall costs and time invested due to repetitive coding, endless amount of bugs which derive when coding, simply inefficient coding, and the list goes on.

Low-code environment

USoft is the solution with its platform which is model-driven and allows you to generate code wherever possible resulting in a low-code environment where applications are quickly ready to be tested and optimised for runtime performance. The platform is based on business data and business rules. The latter help people in your organisation to move swiftly and to make decisions with confidence. High-quality business data are key in this area: they obey instructions by nature, and they mirror your business conduct in a traceable fashion.

The low-code platform by USoft contains:

  • Superior data quality - Up to 40% improvement in data quality.
  • An optimized rules engine.
  • Collaboration with other software in a service-oriented architecture.
  • Automation of release, configuration and deployment of the USoft deliverables.
  • USoft 9.1 is faster by some 20% per rules engine. In certain multi-threading scenarios, performance has been measured to be twice as fast!

Download the paper to discover all the benefits of the USoft 9.1 low-code platform.