Airport IT and Security 2017 Event

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USoft will be present at the Airport IT, Security and Crisis management event in Vienna on 12-13 September

This year, the event will bring together the crucial themes of Airport IT, Airport Security and two new streams, Airport Disaster & Crisis Management and Airport & Nuclear Security. Some of the topics you will see: What does an airport of 2035 – 2050 look like? Digitalisation and its effect on airports, Solving security screening challenges, Airline and airport emergency response planning.
Airport 2017 is hosted in Vienna on 12-13 September 2017 and will bring together CIOs, Airport Directors and Heads of Operations for two days of invaluable insight, content and open debate.

Becoming an act-now airport and do not miss to meet us

Our solutions for the aviation sector are designed to improve speed and consistency in real-time decision-making by pre-processing mission critical information and (semi)automating complex business logic across existing processes and information.
USoft solutions combine complex event processing and business rule automation technologies to reduce the burden on your employees, freeing up time to focus on those decisions that can make a difference.

Our aviation solutions such as:

  • Passenger and transfer management
  • Operations disruptions management
  • Complex event processing
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More information

For more information on the event and program, visit the Airport IT & Security website: 

If you have other questions for USoft, please reach out to Petra Halenbeek, marketing manager at USoft.
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