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Real-time Decision-making

Making decisions should be easy and with predictable outcomes. And in operational contexts that are becoming increasingly complex by the day, it values to explore solution to stay in control and support in the decision making process.

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SMART Privacy

In May 2018, the new privacy legislation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into effect. Our SMART PIA solution, an essential part of our SMART Privacy framework, provides your organisation with a single point of insight to manage your organisation’s privacy compliance assessments.

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Biometric Authentication

We truly believe in a secure and convenient world, a world without passwords. Our biometric authentication solutions improve the customer experience whilst safeguarding the highest standards in data and identity protection. 

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URequire Studio

URequire Studio is an ideal solution for capturing top-quality business rules and project requirements. URequire Studio provides instant feedback on the quality of your writings. Clarity and consistency of the terms and definitions of your business vocabulary is particularly well featured.

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Improve your control of manufacturing and supply chain processes with YMTY. Business analysis software based on supply chain and manufacturing industry standards which will enrich your Manufacturing Operations by visualizing the interdependencies between activities across your organisation.

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