Authentication Platform

Ensure comprehensive and secure user authentication and authorization

Through increasing digitisation, the need for comprehensive and secure authentication across channels and domains is increasing. What organisations need is a single platform from where existing and new authentication and authorisation requirements can be effectively managed, across each individual use case and for employees and customers.

business woman with authentication points on face


Learn more about BioTrust, our sister company and global provider of multimodal biometric authentication solutions.

We believe in secure and convenient world

We serve the entire biometrics chain in delivering a single platform where organisations easily can manage all their authentication requirements and factors, existing and new. Our powerful & open multimodal biometric transaction and identify provisioning platform provides a unique delivery environment with key benefits such as complete integration with existing processes, systems and architecture, comprehensive identity provisioning capability (based on SAML 2.0) and seamless integration with our own face and voice verifiers. Additional verifiers such as fingerprint, iris scan and other biometric and non-biometric verifiers can be easily plugged into the platform. From a privacy perspective, we provide guidance on the use of biometric data.