Towards real-time decision-making across the aviation value stream for a truly connected passenger experience

The aviation sector is undergoing major digital transformation. Airport, airlines and sector stakeholders are pushing towards bringing passenger expectation, security and operational requirements together to optimise real-time operations.
Aimed to create a truly connected passenger experience in which the passenger drives expectations, new technologies are tested and deployed at a rapid pace. Where technology innovation is already providing significant advantages across parts of the value chain, the next challenge lies in connecting complex processes within and across sector stakeholders to truly support and improve the end-to-end value chain.
With operational complexity and the volume of information increasing by the day, the ability to improve speed and consistency in real-time decision-making across the value chain will prove to be critical for success.

Becoming an act-now airport


close up of airplane during loading time

Act-Now and fly high

Together with our clients, we leverage our technology for event processing and real-time decision-making applications.

Your value

  • Improve the passenger experience through minimising the impact of disruptions in advance;
  • Optimise overall process efficiency through truly affective cross functional decision-making;
  • Truly utilise the value of existing information by deriving new insights and actions you didn’t know where possible;
  • Help your employees and stakeholder to focus on maximum impact decisions instead of an overload of information and complexity.


Our solutions for the aviation sector are designed to improve speed and consistency in real-time decision-making by pre-processing mission critical information and (semi)automating complex business logic across existing processes and information.
USoft solutions combine complex event processing and business rule automation technologies to reduce the burden on your employees, freeing up time to focus on those decisions that can make a difference.

Our experience

USoft understands the challenges of connecting complex aviation processes and building a real-time decision-making capability for end-to-end value chain management. Enabling to mitigate for example operational disruptions early on to minimise the impact for passengers, airlines and airports.
Building on 20+ years of experience in transaction based systems, we know how to leverage technology for integration, real-time data processing and business logic automation.

airplane and man on tarmac with mobile

Baggage handling at an airport

Decision support software for improved speed & consistency

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Use cases

Utilise the existing information and capabilities and, add an additional layer of intelligence needed to differentiate in real-time operations. Ensuring that your employees see what they need, when they need it, to make the right decision.

  • Reduce the cost of misconnected passengers by mitigating disruptions in a process in advance;
  • Optimise the efficiency of turn around processes by mitigating disruptions across passenger, baggage and flight operations during real-time operations;
  • Get the most out of existing information streams by bringing cohesion and derive new valuable insights that support your operational processes in improving efficiency.