SMART Privacy

SMART PIA your GDPR readiness assessment tool: Data Register, Triage and PIA all in one go

People are becoming more aware of their privacy rights. Is my private data being used for other purposes? Can your organisation guarantee the data protection of the customer data?
Organisations that handle the personal data of natural persons in the EU (customers, contacts or employees), must comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our SMART PIA approach and tooling enables the understanding of these regulations.

Be SMART, Be GDPR compliant

You need to be able to cover the past and present and to prepare for the future. SMART PIA provides an efficient approach and secure platform for comprehensive insight and control

SMART PIA - the way toward success

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Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

A PIA is a method to identify and reduce the privacy risks of your organisation. In our experience, we see three types of PIA.

  • Organisational PIA – to get insight into your organisational risks regarding privacy.
  • Operational PIA – to get insight into the use of personal data in your current processes and/or IT systems.
  • New Business PIA – a consistent approach to embedding privacy as an organisational practice. Every new initiative needs to be checked according to the new regulations.

The PIA tooling

The SMART PIA tooling is part of the SMART Privacy and Security Framework of USoft and contains several types of assessments. The principle behind SMART PIA is that organisations can configure their own way of working with the software. The default implementation is based on five steps.

  • Data Register
  • Triage
  • Multiple PIA and BIA questionnaires
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Admin

The approach

To support you in the GDPR challenge, we have developed a proven, comprehensive methodology and the underlying software tooling.

  1. Secured Approach
  2. Mastering the process
  3. Accurate execution
  4. Robust reporting
  5. Trusted compliance

The benefits

Getting a comprehensive insight and building the ability to gain control.

  • Easy to create your Data Register
  • Quickly assess high-risk areas
  • Efficiently run PIAs
  • Easy to manage and control
  • Repeatable process
  • All evidence in one database


International Association of Privacy Professionals

The IAPP helps define, support and improve the privacy profession globally. We are member of the IAPP community of privacy organisations and professionals.

Wageningen University has selected SMART PIA

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has selected USoft for the delivery and implementation of the SMART PIA application, which will be used for Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and setting up a Data Register for personal data. 

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