Improve your control of manufacturing and supply chain processes

YMTY is a business analysis software product based on supply chain and manufacturing industry standards which will enrich your MOM by visualizing the interdependencies between activities across your organisation. YMTY stands for “Your MOM Told You”, in which MOM is Manufacturing Operations Management.
Manufacturing and supply chain processes are complex. Just maintaining a detailed and up-to-date record of your processes, business rules and interdependencies is often a challenge in itself. What you need is the ability to quickly and thoroughly assess the impact of changes throughout your entire manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our YMTY solution will help you do exactly this…all of this.

Beat the change, before it beats you!


production line of bottles

YMTY software for manufacturing and supply chain

Our experience shows that effectively assessing the impact of changes often proves to be difficult as activities, business rules, processes, information flows and supporting systems have not been recorded in a complete and consistent manner thus making an accurate and efficient impact assessment virtually impossible.

Our delivery

USoft’s proprietary YMTY software will help your organisation to achieve exactly that level of insight which you need and the ability to quickly and thoroughly perform impact assessments on expected changes.

The result are impressive:

  • Reduce your time spent on impact assessments by up to 25%
  • Improve the quality of your requirements by up to 50%
  • Benefit from industry standards and apply them with ease to your organisation
  • Ensure legislative compliance with strong traceability
  • Reduce your cost of failure by up to 20%

The challenge

Changes in product requirements, processes, legislation and IT systems occur frequently. Organisations need to respond to these changes and implement adequate solutions to ensure continuity.

But how effective are organisations in doing this? In more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain, we have seen:

  • Over 60% of projects exceeding budget
  • More than 30% of projects exceeding the initial delivery date
  • Approximately 15% of projects posing a threat for business continuity
  • All leading to rising costs of failure due to production delays and poor quality results