Meet the USoft team

Executive Management

Patrick Dekker Patrick Dekker CEO

A balanced chief with a nose for recognising opportunities. A true entrepreneur.

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Roel Spans Roel Spans CCO

An almost unlimited source of energy and a 100% gadget freak. His enthusiasm is contagious.

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Pieter Roemer Pieter Roemer COO / CFO

Stress is unknown to this man. A tower of strength in solving any delivery issue.

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Regional Management

Dejan Curcic Dejan Curcic Managing Director Serbia

An extravagant personality and true entrepreneur. With a talent for playing golf.

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Sales and Marketing

Maarten Witvliet Maarten Witvliet Sales Manager

You won’t find someone that doesn’t like him. He is Mr. networking.

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Hans Canisius Hans Canisius Consultant

Gets any job done and truly stands for quality. Making a feast out of every PowerPoint presentation.

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Petra Halenbeek Petra Halenbeek Marketing Manager

A marketing octopus standing out in being creative and pragmatic. And a true out of control shoe addict.

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Research and Development

Frank Rijnders Frank Rijnders CTO

A true technology genius, automating almost everything. And deeply in love with Italy.

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Ilija Radulovic Ilija Radulovic Software Architect

Challenge driven person. The word "impossible" is unknown to him.

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