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USoft 9.1. features overview

The USoft 9 series extends the versatility of the USoft 8 series and introduces a new set of features that broadens the field of enterprise solutions with rules at the core.

USoft 9.1's main theme is performance. The Rules Engine has been optimised and shows order 20% better performance per engine and up to a factor 2 better performance in multithreading scenarios. Web runtimes also show better performance, up to a factor 1.5. Network traffic has been reduced by approximately a factor 2.

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USoft 9 open data platform

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We believe in the power of rules

The USoft platform is a development environment for building software applications around a rules engine. Software behaviour is not expressed and implemented in terms of features and requirements, but rather in terms of business rules and business logic. This enables you to get quickly from concept to reality, test new ideas, and also change business conduct and software behaviour in parallel.
The low-code platform 
This platform is model-driven and allows you to generate code where-ever possible resulting in a low-code environment where applications are quickly ready to be tested and optimised for runtime performance. USoft is designed to integrate with existing architectures, processes, and systems, because it utilises rules-driven connectivity with coded components and system-to-system interfaces to the rules engine. This allows you to extend your organisations’ existing capabilities and to implement transformation faster and more easily.

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Our platform values

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Rapid application development

Rapid application development

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Superior data quality

Up to 40% improvement in data quality

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Easy integration

REST services framework

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Cost effective

+150% longer life span, up to 40% reduction in maintenance costs

Combining requirements and process design to improve your project

USoft Studio is the solution for capturing, publishing and managing high-quality project requirements. You will be able to write your requirements faster and have instant feedback on their quality. The result is a set of clear and concise requirements without loss of information.

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SBVR Made Easy looks at business vocabulary and business rules in a project context, a business operation context and a knowledge exchange context.

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