UConnect 2018 summary of the day

UConnect 2018

UConnect 2018, October 3rd

We would like to thank you for attending our fourth UConnect on October 3rd and contributing to its success. We hope you enjoyed the event with inspiring speakers, good discussions, meeting new and old contacts and maybe you visit the event business partners.

Some topics of the day:

  • Cybercrime, it’s not true that the world isn’t a save place anymore but please be aware of what you do in the digital world.
  • Smart City is much more than what you see and experience. It is a web of physical and nonphysical parts and software is connecting everything and everyone should be involved.
  • Robotics is not just process efficiency but a complete process control.
  • And some may ask whether it’s even possible to find balance between data protection and creating value?
Finally, we could say don’t be afraid of the future, get more human and apply a practical approach.

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Event partners of the day

Solvinx platform

Within the Solvinx platform we offer a unique concept of solid services, tooling and training aimed at demonstrably giving organizations control over various regulations, such as the GDPR, ISO.


Visit the new Solvinx website

Introducing USoft 9.1.

The USoft 9 series extends the versatility of the USoft 8 series and introduces a new set of features that broadens the field of enterprise solutions with rules at the core.

USoft 9.1's main theme is performance. The Rules Engine has been optimised and shows order 20% better performance per engine and up to a factor 2 better performance in multithreading scenarios. Web runtimes also show better performance, up to a factor 1.5. Network traffic has been reduced by approximately a factor 2.


Download the USoft 9.1. platform features